Working Remotely? You Can Actually Make It ROCK…..

“For those about to ROCK”

My first reaction on the topic of working remotely was the lyric “For those about to ROCK….we salute you!” I have a lot of passion for this topic because it can enable productivity at levels that may not be realized in an office setting. I have been working and managing teams remotely for well over a decade. It has become one of my secrets of success (not a secret now, I suppose), but to get there I had to figure out the formula on my own, often through trial and error. Years ago when I had just started, I went through the same challenges as anyone trying it for the first time. Time management, people management (your team, family and friends,) and self-discipline are areas you have to master to be successful. Once you conquer these you’ll really be able to see the productivity potential remote work provides.

Given the on-site business constraints we’re experiencing today from the Coronavirus pandemic that mandates actually implementing “social distance,” remote work becomes a necessity. Many tech companies like Oracle, Apple, Google and Amazon are among the largest global companies that have restricted travel or asked their employees to work remotely as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic, and even many smaller companies are doing the same. This massive move to remote work is really unprecedented, not to mention that six counties in California, one of them mine, have been directed to “Shelter in Place”, a trend that is spreading nationwide.

What should you know to make your transition to working remotely as smooth as possible?

Let me outline some areas below that can help you avoid some common breakdowns.

  1. Time Management. our schedule shouldn’t change. In fact, you should have more time because you aren’t commuting. Use that time to do something productive. Block off your normal commuting time to spend on personal development. Keep up on industry blogs, work out, build your network, listen to a podcast, etc. Productively using the time not commuting gives you back can be a huge advantage.

Tools. There are a ton of tools I recommend to make working remotely easy(ier.) Here’s my list of favorites:

  • Slack Great for chat, calls, document sharing. It’s cheap and effective with lots of cool features.

I started building a remote team when it was still considered novel, and I sometimes got objections from prospects like “we really prefer to work with a company with a brick and mortar operation that affords a hands-on, personal interaction”. Now, working remotely is common and personal when you structure it right. If a client has a question about it, they don’t ask for the reason of effectiveness. Our clients are remote, their teams are remote, etc. It’s become an accepted way of conducting business.

You might be forced into working remotely right now, but you might find you actually love it.

Glad to answer any questions and give tips. This is an area I am really passionate about because you can be highly productive in a remote environment when you structure it right!


MariAnne Anne Vanella is CEO of The Vanella Group, Inc. a sales development firm working exclusively with B2B enterprise tech firms. She is also an award-winning author of the Best Seller “42 Rules of Cold Calling Executives.” She developed the proprietary Telesales 2.0™ methodology which produces 5x above the DMA industry standard for tele-based lead generation.

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