“For those about to ROCK”

My first reaction on the topic of working remotely was the lyric “For those about to ROCK….we salute you!” I have a lot of passion for this topic because it can enable productivity at levels that may not be realized in an office setting. I have been working and managing teams remotely for well over a decade. It has become one of my secrets of success (not a secret now, I suppose), but to get there I had to figure out the formula on my own, often through trial and error. Years ago when I had just started, I went…

How You Can Make a Great Decision Based on Alignment

The list of companies operating in the B2B telemarketing and telesales space is growing, there’s a smörgåsbord of choices without a lot of guidance. Some people draw on past experience, which sometimes was not a great experience so there is also a ton of caution to avoid a bad choice.

I‘ve spoken with hundreds of companies looking to outsource over the years and they all have one thing in common:

How do I pick a vendor to work with? What should I look for?

I will always ask if…

Are you able to see what happens to the leads your organization generates when they get to the live-engagement stage? Many marketing organizations have literally zero visibility of what happens on the front lines in sales; yet this is where the greatest attrition in your pipeline can occur when it isn’t managed with some deliberate design.

It’s relatively easy to monitor a prospect’s journey with their digital interactions; you’ll see their score change/rise, you see them more frequently (or not) or responding to the things you would expect them to. You can gauge the topics they are interested in based…

MariAnne Vanella

CEO @The Vanella Group,Inc. Telesales2.0® B2B engagement/lead gen for enterprise tech/results 5x industry standard.Choose to transform your sales pipeline...

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